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Other forms of Friendship books

Other forms of Friendship books


Friendship sheets are like friendship books - only difference is a sheet of paper is used, not a book.

Slams – They are a little like an interview. You have the first sign in page, where you get a number (and/or place a symbol for your entery) and then you place your address/label. Then you just answer the “slam” questions on the following pages against your own number. The questions vary but some of the common ones include "what's your favorite color?" while other Slams are more specific, based on TV series, animals, plants, and so on.

Crams – Their aim is to "cram" as many addresses on there as possible, which means that you place only your name and address inside them, so the information about you doesn’t take all that much space. Some crams are even that “space” saving that they require address labels only.

Label bags – They are little envelopes containing labels (see our templates) with some instructions so all together they are like a little game. You have to take out some labels for each person to make them either fbs or label bags and then add yours. Finally you sign off on the back of the label bag and pass it to your friends. Once there is no place to sign, the bag is returned to the owner.

Sticker bags - Just like Label bags, Sticker bags are small envelopes in which you take some stickers out of the bag (usually the number is specified on the front of the sticker bag as instructions) and then you put the same number of stickers inside the bag (small envelope) before you pass to your friends. The idea is that the stickers will constantly change during the travel of the sticker bag. Everyone sign on the back of the sticker/label bag. Once there is no place to sign, the bag is returned to the owner.

Craft bags - Just like Label and Sticker bags, Craft bags are small envelopes in which you place crafty materials (craft items - ribbons, papers, stickers, etc).

Decos – They are the Fbs ,where you can show your style and creativity. You have to decorate one page with whatever you like. There are some specific DECOs, that state a topic – like Christmas Deco, or Blue Deco, Jean Deco, Flower Deco - they are simply a thematic type of decoration that you should do. Just read the theme (if there is one) and start your page expressing your own decoration views. Note: DECOs might get too heavy so note that when you sign up for DECO exchanges.

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