Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to make FB's?

FriendshipBooks can be made in many different ways since they come in different sizes, shapes and designs. The easiest way will be to get a free printout - a pre-designed FB that you can download from the web. There are many sites that offer such model FB's that are easy to do. Among my favorite free downloadable FB templates are the ones from the SandbookNet Team. You can print them and fold them and you will have a little booklet that's opening horizontally or vertically. Nevertheless, you will see the space left for made for and made by. You should fill in the address for the person for whom you have made the FB and of course under the made by - place a label address of yourself.

Another thing that I wanted to stress out is: use label addresses - they make the FB's appear way more elegant. Note that the fond should be readable. Nobody wants to wander about the addresses. Having said that, if your handwriting is cute and neat - don't be afraid to pick a pen and write the addresses. 

So once you have gotten the basic idea of what FB's are and what they should look like in their classic way, you are free to start making your own designs. Remember you don't have to follow the "booklet" form presented here. You can craft your own size and shape - just remember to keep it light so that the posting costs aren't going to break the bank once your FB is passed. You want to keep it to a proper size too, so that it will fit in a regular envelope as either way people might fold it along its way - and you don't want that to happen, do you?

Don't forget that you can always write to me and show me your own designs, share tips on how to make FB's and anything that you might think that will fit within our blog!


  1. I make fbs myself-thanks for the tip

  2. I am trying to put together more info about how FB's are done/run/swapped in here, so people can use it as a quick guide to FB's. Josh, if you have any ideas or tips - just share them with me. I can even make you a guest writer here if you would like to.


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