Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FriendshipBooks: Abbreviations in FB's

There are a lot of abbreviations that you can encounter while swapping FB's. There are used in order to save the space and of course the time (you will know what I am talking about when you sign in and pass many FB's on regular basis). So here is a list of abbreviations and their meaning:
NPW – new pals wanted
NSW – new swappers wanted
SWA swaps with all
A/a – answers all (letters)
A/M answers most
A/s – answer some
A/o – answer only
A/Fanswer few
AVF – answers very few
LLP – long letter pals
LLO long letters only
LL long letter
SAHM – stay at home mom
SNNP – sorry, no new pals
W/W – worldwide
SAHM – stay at home mom
WAHM – work at home mom
DOB – date of birth
BDbirth date
W/A wedding anniversary
W/D wedding date
PC post card
VP view card (another name for post card)
SS swap soon (it meeans that the swap is on)
ICR – I can Return (means that the person is a pen pal to the owner of the FB)
ICHR – I can help return (that means that the person knows someone who is a pen pal of the owner)
EMS e-mail soon
LSASE long self addressed stamped envelope
SASE self addressed stamped envelope
T/C take care
W/B write back
W/S write soon
TTYL talk to you later
BBfn bye bye for now
I can surely bet that there are more abbreviations that hadn't come to my mind while I was doing this blog entry. So feel free to leave a comment with abbreviations and their meaning that have been left out from this list. This way we are going to be able to make a really well maintained and updated list here. Waiting for your comments.

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