Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips about FriendshipBooks - via SandBook.Net

Tips for FB swappers from the Team of Sandbook.Net

  • Use a steady address – Most FB's take 1-3 years to fill, so sign in with a constant address (use a parent’s address or a friend’s address if you are moving constantly). Leave an email for contact – that way people can track you even after years!
  • Use readable prints styles on your address labels – make it clear and readable, so people don’t squint.
  • Less pages of one FB, faster home
  • Make your entry beautiful, show some creativity, show your own touch and personality – that way people with same interests would be attracted to your add.
  • Be fair and remember – “What goes around, comes around” – so please return Fbs to their owners and be fair – do not add or remove pages of FB's.
  • Get familiar with abbreviations in FB's.


  1. Nice:)

    I follow u if i can:)?
    And I invite u to follow me:)

  2. I am following you for quite some time! Are you following me back?


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